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Who doesn’t like fabulous brand-name clothes? Unfortunately, lots of people in lots of countries cannot afford buying these things in fashion boutiques. However, everybody wants to look great and trendy!

Stock suppliers appeared not long ago, but have already become popular, just because they offer solution to this problem.

More and more stock shops are opened around the globe. Moreover, the fervor of financial crisis ensures stock trading popularity for years to come. Stocks allow anyone to look trendy and stylish, without having to pay surreal sums for branded items.

This article offers an overview of stock clothing’s history and its meaning.

Stock clothing has been popular all over the world for dozens of years. For instance, in Eastern Europe it has started to gain steam since 1998 (the year of crisis), when the prices for European clothes skyrocketed, and now, in the fervor of a new collapse, it’s booming once again.

So, what’s stock clothing, finally?

  • Stock is brand new men’s, women’s and kids clothing.
  • Stock is clothing from world-famous brands and manufacturers.
  • Stock is high quality clothing at affordable price.
  • Stock is an excellent chance to look trendy and stylish, without having to pay a lot.
  • Stock is also an opportunity to start profitable business!

Where does stock clothing come from?

There are several sources of stock clothing:

  • Overproduction of clothes at factories.
    These are authentic clothes that never came to shops or boutiques.
  • Excess stock at factories.
    Tailings are used to make the same clothes that are sold to stock wholesalers. This group also includes items that were rejected by retailers. To save the valuable warehouse space, such lots are sold to stock wholesalers.
  • Wholesale dealer stocks.
    These are clothes bought by wholesalers that never came to retail outlets for various reasons.
  • Retail stocks
    Clothing that was not sold out in a season. Retail stores always overbuy clothes, but it’s not always that everything is sold out. These clothes are stored at special warehouses to be sold wholesale.

The most interesting items come from Europe and USA, as it’s there that new collections by famous brands appear(and, thus, are removed from sale) first.

Direct stock supplies from Western Europe and USA allow to reduce expenses and final cost.

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