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Zizzi clothing
Packaging: ≈ 79 pcs.

Postskriptum GmbH offers Zizzi stock clothing for wholesale.

Zizzi clothing is up to 75% cheaper as wholesale stock, which makes it highly profitable for retail trade.

Postskriptum GmbH is a wholesale supplier of Zizzi clothing. We work with retail chains, wholesale stores and retail shops in 25 countries around the globe, ensuring regular deliveries to our partners.

Zizzi has already become a world-known brand. So let’s learn a bit more about it.

Plus Size Fashion

Zizzi is a part of Ball group with headquarters in Billund, Denmark. The brand concept is focused on a particular group of customers: the size range of all its clothing lines starts with 42 and goes beyond, thus offering sizes that can hardly be found anywhere else (up to 56-60).

Zizzi manufactures high quality, yet affordable clothing. The Danish brand’s collections present a unique combination of style and beauty, gorgeous and comfortable fabrics, awesome silhouettes aimed to accentuate the natural charm of the female body.

It’s not the first time when plus size fashion collections are launched in Denmark. And each of them is really awesome.

The brand’s designers tend to use natural fabrics to create clothes that are comfortable to wear. The brand's garments are never moldy and do not use dull clichés of fits; their color scheme is rather wide. Besides elegant dresses that can improve a woman’s silhouette, Zizzi also manufactures other beautiful and practical female outfits, including leggings, scarves, coats, blouses, pants, jeans, cardigans, shirt blouses, etc.

Zizzi is also an internationally successful screen star brand: a legion of show stars eagerly wear original Zizzi clothes almost in all European countries.

Where to Buy Stock

You can buy cheap Zizzi stock clothing at Postskriptum GmbH. We also offer Swedish stock clothing wholesale.

Our prices in Germany are about two times lower than at wholesale stores in your city. This brand is popular worldwide. Plus size stock clothes are high-demand and top-selling items, regardless of seasons or fashion trends. Zizzi clothing are perfect for retailers who would like to offer quality affordable outfits to their customers.

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