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Sportswear Stock Mix

Made in: Germany, USA

Sex: women, men, children

Season: all seasons

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A popular wholesale stock lot of men's, women's and children’s clothing by Puma, Adidas, Nike.

Brands that are very popular and in demand among sportspeople. They are chosen for compliance with quality standards, for simplicity of models, convenience in everyday wear and feeling of comfort.

In the lots there are T-shirts, trousers, sports jackets, sweatshirts, windbreakers, sports dresses, leggings. All that is necessary for everyday life, as well as for sports in the gym or on the street.

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About European Wholesale Apparel Prices

Dear friends and colleagues, you are probably considering a question about prices now. That’s a crucial question indeed.

Our prices are low. In fact about two times lower, than offered by wholesalers in your country.

Unfortunately, we cannot publish wholesale mixed collection bag prices, as stock clothing supply agreements with manufacturing brands do not allow us to set prices lower than the original ones.

So please do not hesitate to request prices via online chat or request forms on our website.