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Fall/Winter Shoes from Spain in Large Bulk

Today we have great news for major wholesalers, specializing in footwear.

What we’re happy to offer is an awesome opportunity to sell stock shoes from the major Spanish group.

The brands this group owns are known to everyone: they are recognized even in the most distant corners of the world. And there’s no mystery to it: about 7500 stores sell the group’s products in 96 countries around the globe.


Unfortunately, we have no right to name these brands, as well the retail giant itself on our website: it is prohibited by the contract we have signed.

It’s not a big deal, however. That’s a fair payment for an opportunity to purchase quality footwear at a low stock price.

Large Bulk
Our mixed lot contains fall/winter shoes for men and women – mostly boots/ankle boots/booties. The lot contains 250 pairs.

Spanish footwear, as well as all our large lots, is sold at a low price, specified for major wholesalers.

Please check out our Spanish mixed lot:

boots stock from europe

The lot contains women’s and men’s fall/winter footwear: fall shoes, high boots, half-boots and short boots, booties, ankle boots.

spanish shoes

Quality models in various styles are designed in line with the latest fashion trends, specially for European consumers. Collections 2018.

Ready, steady, go!

Minimum order amount: 1 mixed bag.

Our mixed bags are ready for shipment. Order now!

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