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What are the best products for a quick turnover? Women’s jackets!

In the beginning of autumn, women’s jackets are the top products for a quick turnover in retail sales.

Short or long, warm or lightweight, black or in various colors, jackets can be sold out in a couple of weeks and – importantly – with a markup up to 500% from their cost price.

Postskriptum GmbH offers lots with spring/autumn outwear – for really profitable sales.

Please check out these inexpensive and quality products by European brands:

OWN (Netherlands)
Year by year, the major Dutch online retailer shows that future belongs to functional fashion: the company’s in-house brand OWN manufactures stylish and functional smart casual clothing.
Featuring is a young European brand striving to take on its market segment; it comes up with high quality outdoor wear as good (in materials, quality and style) as sophisticated models from popular big-name brands.


OWN stock clothing

Warm autumn/winter jackets for women by the brand OWN (Netherlands), collection 2018. Regular fit.
One model in one color.

Texstar jackets

Texstar lot (Sweden) contains lightweight slim fit jackets for spring/autumn.
One model in two best-selling colors – red and black.

OWN jackets

OWN lot offers lightweight and functional women’s jackets, perfect for everyday use. One model in two colors.


Featuring lot contains basic women’s garments – lightweight padded jackets, trench coats, windbreakers, warm-up vests.

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