Postskriptum GmbH works with trading companies from 25 countries. Mutual confidence, professional approach, reliability, high quality service and business integrity allow our company to get on the same page and build strategic partnership with wholesalers.

Product Quality

Postskriptum GmbH offers quality brand clothing, shoes and accessories from leading European manufacturers.


We offer wholesale clothing from Europe at low prices. Please do not hesitate to request for mixed-collection delivery prices, as we cannot specify them on our website due to our contractual obligations towards the manufacturing brands.

Social projects

Supporting the young singer Jenifer Brening has become the important social project for Postskriptum GmbH. Jenifer’s vocal talent has been a real discovery in the complicated, competitive world of show business.


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Social projects

Nowadays clothes hold a significant place in public life, having transformed from basic need to social phenomenon, manifestation of life mode, source of inspiration and inseparable element of style.

Having outgrown functionality and satisfaction of aesthetic needs, clothing is a facade of a personality, revealing one’s taste, outlook, attitude to the surrounding world and to oneself.

Postskriptum GmbH helps millions of people discover their identity and express it through clothes, shoes and accessories.

Business and Mission

Social projects allow businesses translate their mission to the world.

Social project is a cold formal word denoting desire to help, tenderness and commitment – everything that is done of one’s own free will, yet irrevocable heart impulse.

Supporting the young singer Jenifer Brening has become a social mission for Postskriptum GmbH. Jenifer’s vocal talent has been a real discovery in the complicated, competitive and versatile show business world.


Helping a talented person realize her potential brings joy, yet requires responsibility, especially since her success partly depends on our help. Postskriptum GmbH is responsible for identity and style of the rising star.

Jenifer’s casual and evening clothes, stage outfits and garments for video clips are provided by Postskriptum GmbH.

All the clothes – dresses, blouses, pants, shorts and skirts Jenifer wears – have been a part of lots sent to boutiques, shops and retail chains of our wholesale customers.

Jenifer, brilliant and charismatic, talented and incredibly natural, represents our company’s values.

Jenifer Brening on stage


Jenifer is winning the world with her voice, appearance and style. Having a magic voice, she also composes and writes texts for her songs.



Despite her youth, Jenifer has thousands of fans, admiring her talent and looking forward to her new clips.

Postskriptum GmbH follows the success of our talented Jenifer and will always support her in her professional development and integration into the global cultural entertainment business.

Stars are to shine bright!


Jenifer Brening: scenic clothing from Postskriptum GmbH